Friday, April 6, 2007

Iran punches Britain in the Face; World Forgets and Forgives

UPDATE: Check out the new blog covering the Mid East: Outsider On The Inside

I don't understand how Iran escaped war, but I definitely thought the world would react much harsher towards the Islamic state after they abducted 15 British sailors nearly two weeks ago. Now that the soldiers are released, I still expect something from Britain towards Iran, so we'll keep watching. The language from other European countries was relatively weak, non-confrontational, and the reaction seems to be similar. Here's a German perspective of the conflict and the release, with "analysts" putting it in a positive, hopeful light.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Wednesday described the release of the sailors as a "start... (which) will open the door to further cooperation."

They make it seem like Iran has done something good. Maybe I'm missing something here, but didn't Iran just commit an act of war? If the British say the sailors weren't in Iranian waters, doesn't that make this an illegal abduction?

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