Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Terrorists Tortured In Egypt

UPDATE: Check out the new blog covering the Mid East: Outsider On The Inside

According to a newly released report from Amnesty International, very critical of Egypt's record on torture, several countries have used the Middle Eastern country to torture detainees in the war on terror:

The report says Egypt has become an international centre for interrogation and torture on behalf of other states as part of the "war on terror".

There was no immediate reaction from the Egyptian government.

The AI report calls for other countries to abandon "no torture" deals with Egypt.

Under such deals governments, including the UK's, deport suspects to Cairo having been assured by Egyptian authorities that the suspect will not suffer torture.

"A 'no torture' deal with Egypt would not be worth the paper it was written on, and rather than bargain over illegal detention and torture the UK should unequivocally condemn torture in Egypt," UK director of AI, Kate Allen, said.

The report says that many violations occur within the context of domestic and international security operations.

In 2005, Egypt's prime minister acknowledged that since 2001 the USA had transferred some 60-70 detainees to Egypt as part of the "war on terror".

Which goes to prove Egypt's government is fair: both Egyptians and foreigners are tortured on its soil.

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