Sunday, September 23, 2007

Show Me The Sun

UPDATE: Check out the new blog covering the Mid East: Outsider On The Inside

I woke up this morning all sweaty, wet, and hot. I had pit stains that could fertilize the most arid of lands. It could have only meant one thing: The sun is out.

Living in Holland, this is a special occurence. Most of the year it's raining, and if there's nothing falling from the sky, there's no sun to be found. There are days where the sun will tease; it'll make an "appearance" in the morning, and maybe pop in right before sunset, just to show you what your missing. Screw you sun, your messing with my mind.

The sun, as it were, is the most psychologically powerful of the stars. It has a grip on peoples minds that is comparable to ecstasy. That is to say, the drug ecstasy. If your not hip enough for that reference (Seriously, try a drug or two. What do you live in the Middle Ages?), think of religion. People worship God; people here also worship the sun.

The siginificance attached to the sun coming out here is seen in the parks, the streets, the outdoor cafes, all of which are rarely more than half full throughout the year. Everyone is outside, people you wouldn't have imagined living in the small town that I do come out for some sun. Girls have changed into their bikinis to hang out in the park, every guy has his newest pair of 'retro' sunglasses on, the overcoats and windbreakers which used to adorn the city center have been replaced with pink and purple 'polo' shirts, not a single collar in sight that hasn't been 'popped'. Even the homeless dont smell as 'sour'. All hell breaks loose, is what I'm saying.

People feel so free, so liberated. I'm sure this isn't unique to Holland (I've heard that the sun actually exists in a lot of countries.. ed. badam tshh) but the contrast of life with the sun vs. life without it is fascinating. Especially being from places that probably get too much sun at times. I'm not behind the fray though, believe me. I'll wear a pair of shorts when the sun visits, maybe even go out in some flip-flops. Dare I say I may even shave for the sun. It's like having a girlfriend in jail; it's great when you see her, but your a bum without her.

So as the day wound down, the sun, having begun its slow departure from our skies, has made us happy. It has made us forget, for a day, that we have responsibilities. That we have kids, students, employees to watch over, deadlines to be met. Tommorrow will be work, studying, and most importantly, no sun. But it always leaves us looking forward to the next 'one day stand.'

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